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Absolutely love this style of animation, such reminds me of that I grew up on. Fluid, funny, (fan-service always a plus) FANTASTIC!

Of this I still remain curious, for what it was that compelled you, who it was who informed you, and what and how much it was you knew and intended.

If ever this can be rectified, and this, the last fragment that remains, if you so see this and care to message for clarity, with all else from the past in real life amended and on good terms from without the separation of the internet, I am curious what the man name shared by the Capital of Texas may have to reveal, PM box is open, this and noted the brief time spent on this site, perhaps can have clarity.


Enjoyable, being one who has been to clubs before it's always enjoyable to see the opposite of what generally is the case (well, one's that are mild IE the type that don't eventually break into as close as an semi-clothed orgy can reach where hormones have sent all, both male and female into a form of pseudo-sexuality with an ease of sexual intercourse being as if guaranteed.)
Rather the pathetic, 4 girls to every male, where it gets to the point even guys that would otherwise be considered "attractive" or for the other desire within such a place "Ghetto, Gangsta" said females become over egotistical, to the point where manner dance with their same sex and even the ugly bat down most males.
Believe it or not, such hellish places exist.
In this I'd find it enjoyable in the sense of satisfying an aspect of the masculine condition in our culture that in some place or another, during a phase in one's life, the female held the most power as being a sexual centerpiece who could again, even if void of attraction, during the age of horny male adolescents could have males who now regret ever so much as touching such a female, but due to "putting out" became a "Goddess of desire."
Despite being one of those horny males I purposely did reject that form of interaction, which fed into some of the very ugly females, one I recall having three built guys making out and groping her, yet I purposely paying her no attention, which today this day has actually lead to her being on my Facebook.
Thus I haven't had my share of regrettable females that can lead to the proper male self assurance, and the drive to acquire those whom the individual may have at once been inhibited to approach.
At least I rest assured knowing many of these individuals received a monstrous lack of attention.

So though I am indeed going way over board here, all the better seeing the representation of the literal attractive female being "shot down" with the often true desire "sex" not blueballed teases.

My favorite manifestation of this concept (via the means of entertainment) being held with Kodomo No Jikan, upholding a certain type of male desire, of my personal attraction, usurping the highly typical archetypal desirable female, as a form of humor/satisfaction, and those who are most intue with this sexual desire, thus are granted not only their ideal, but the now ability to ignore "second place" this o=pri
Though it holds a good enough plot to seperate it, marketing wise, knowing it's prime audience (with the potential to draw others in) is of brilliance.

Yet I digress, enjoyable video, I think there would be a great deal of mespecially in a place such as Jewgrounds,) who would derive a form of vicarious satisfaction from an expansion on this concept, and bring it into a story, or short story wherein the attractive female finds herself denied via others, until she moves to more desperate measures to reach her Ego-Gratified, and thus would cause an inverse on what I, and many others I've known had noted as a truth males are subject to, even onward, especially within Caucasian American lifestyle. (Personally noting many females of Africans, Hispanics and Asians, though being raised here, having a more "open" and interactive view of sexuality being mutual pleasing, and don't see the general Dogmatic, Ritualistic, act males often need to "satisfy" in the female first, before they "reward."
Thus I personally would love to see such an aesthetic being clearly portrayed.
With many males not conscious enough to realize why they find such enjoyment with some lighrt nf
An educated suggestion speaking on behalf of myself during, the ages of 17-22 especially and knowing it would find a great deal of enjoyment from Males, humor from females, certain one's at least may enjoy gain you a high percentile of further.
A mere Minor version to test water and see the rating.
And as I would prediction, it would go over exceedingly well.
Anyhow, enjoyable short animation.
Hope my rare, once every 3 month review was of interest.


HogisLeDude responds:

Well i've read the whole thing now and can honestly say that i am honored to have you write this rare review for my short animation. Manly tears were shed. Bravo!

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Rather Semi-simplistic game that is enjoyable to play while merging and maintaining a retro-gaming experience to a reasonable extent, likely a good candidate for having "medals" added.

Good job.

Fudge yes!
Hot Lolicon action! Fecking epic! Newgrounds definitely needs a larger Loli selection.
Top notch work mate, keep up the good work!


This is amazing!

You've surpassed my expectations of just what awesomeness can be found on Newgrounds.
Splendid job.

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Absolutely fantastic work. I must say I am quite a fan of the Dubstep Genre when first I heard it emerge back during more enjoyable times within my life.
This easily would have been on my sound tracks back in the day had such been available back when I was still in the game.
I'd definitely say this is a banger, and I look forward to more of your work in the future.

BZRK responds:

Wow, that’s actually some amazing feedback! I do actually plan on making a comeback + New songs, very glad you liked it!

I can definitely see you are quickly getting yourself acquainted with FL Studios. I most certainly look forward to seeing what direction you take your work in.

Fascinating job, I am deeply honored.

Thank you very much my friend, this does mean quite a deal, this chaotic, meme/ear rape unsettling style of song was something I am often drawn to when it comes to creation and you did a fine job of creating something with the same volatile tenacity while producing something entirely unique in and of itself. If it were up to me, I would prefer your song make it within GeometryDash over one of my own, I received quite enough attention from these songs as is, I'd enjoy seeing newer Musicians getting the proper exposure.

I look forward to where things are going. If things pan out even vaguely toward the extent I am aiming for, we will all be the better off.
Again, fantastic job, and likewise always keep experimenting with new forms, new sounds.


HeTTzer responds:

Thank you very much for your feedback! I am very pleased that you liked my creation. This style really surprised me, and I met him only thanks to you! This is my first attempt in this style. I think that your work is deservedly used in geometrydash, and is popular. It was hard for me to believe that the song was noticed only after more than ten years. I hope you can repeat this success, and possibly surpass it!

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Fantastic as always.
Loli for the win. This site is in dire need of such content.

As is within the PM, somewhere probably 200 messages after the likely "can you draw me" type messages. I must state your ability to merge something such as an otherwise image of Ed from Cowboy BeBop yet beyond the incredible talent you are as an Artist, your subtlety such as the thin layer of saliva as Ed bursts out in her enthusiasm, the bare feat, certain positions, hand, (love how even the square controller, which was a fine demonstration of what the bottom hand is replicating despite it's otherwise simply square non-sexual nature, still has that micro-phone/phalic reference.) legs, shirt, I could indeed go on, and within such a "profound amount of detail" perfectly well able to fit within the E category... I do have my doubts as to what other Newgrounds members will be able to assess from this review, but I am certain you know, you are a profound and rare talent. The imagery "that isn't" IS. Fantastic, a master of your Craft... Certain people not aware of the subtle imagery, things not necessarily implying anything other than that which they depict, yet "somehow this one particular image just does it for me," riddled with hidden imagery, symbolic.
I could only imagine your aptitude for high art, of subtle subconscious sexulism, super charged works of Art. I can literally see, of your mastership, just as Andy Warhol turned that which was the "antithesis of art, Capitalistic Consumerism, within a brilliantly pretentious method, in so drawing, recreating, and mass producing replica's of consumerism (that is, not only creating a singular replica and demonstrate it as an artist paradox, he took the entire process of mass consumerism, and sent back 100's of literal "Brillo Box Statues" each created individually, thereby a form of Art, and thus an Artistic Statement, he couldn't paint like Salvidor Dali, but his brilliance laid within his capacity for innovation and the ability to make a statement and a controversy. Thus few people understand the true genius of it, nearly anyone could have done it, but none had thought of it. Therein technical skill is not a necessity. (Bu when you have it, it is all the more beneficial unless it obscures one from the potential for simplicity.)
Yet for him I was drawing but an example, as true sexulism within the Art world also faces such a crisis "it's pornography" or it's "Artistic Nudes," Perhaps some "S&M/ Gay Expressionalism,"(would have pushed the boundaries 30 years ago.) following a certain direction even as an experiment, building a conception for a masterwork that would be too good to be seen in Art Gallery's, but it would be, and could give a long hard rise to true liberal Erotic Expressionism.
As a concept: "Unexplicitly explicit," similar to Dali's "Paranoiac Critical Method," (where numerous images are wrapped up within one scene) day you, putting aside a year to continue to create a masterpiece of such a nature, while still working on the rest of your work. My ideal; The most innocent clothed non-sexual image, so simple, sweet, imagine a little girl (even the "Precious Moments" parodying, would take it seemingly a further level away from anything perverse,) dressed as a Nun, holding a flower... Yet within the subtle shades of black of her clothing exist a multitude of sexuality bursting forth, imagery of her, her self as not only the feigned innocence initially seen, but within those dark, subtle layers, depictions of mass sexual consumption bursting, so much so that the marble of the ground seems to tell a fractionation of the story in some way, with light reflecting of it's glisting surface of the same texture as would be used for a moisted females body, the manner in which she holds the flower and of what the flower implicates riddled with every curvature, every contrast between shade and shape to reveal an endless orgy of sexually explicit material, furiously devouring, while a bishop of such a phallic nature stands there in front of her, hand out, awaiting the "flower she has for him."

This would be something I could see you using as a simple stepping stone, such is already done, but with this I'm saying to use every skill you've learned and a large portion of time dedicated to it.
And though some may argue this off topic "as they fill their reviews with requets" this is of the nautre in which I see not only this picture, but all of yours, my recommendation needn't even be that which be used, but an example, likely you've thought of osome yourself, to imagine something of such a nature being able to be considered High Art. Thus you've created it right here in this image!

Whatever road you take you've got all you need, and I'd say take a stab at every opportunity that arises. Aim for the highest.

Also, I must say, I'm glad you came to Newgrounds during this time period, when I joined a fair portion of what you've created would have been basically met as if by the inquisition.
Newgrounds always has been a place for people (At one point I myself unfortunately during a younger worthless time in my life briefly fell into this category) not trolling, but simply taking things so seriously with such a pointlessly aggressive attitude.

Still, as I ramble on imagining the vast potential you utilize yet still have contained, just keep at it, and it's always good to do a Little Loli every now and then. Especially in a climate such as this one that needs it.


What you say is very interesting...


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