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Collaborations, Mental Illness, Music, Microphone recomendations. What The Future May Hold

Posted by BaronVonBadGuy - October 25th, 2020

Alright everyone, I try and stay reasonably active with my fan-base, so to those of you who talk with me via PM, (a few of you I still need to reply, but no worry, as the case has been, I'll be getting back to you all soon enough) some of what is to be written here won't come as too much of a shock. However if you are a fan, this should be of some interest to you no matter the case.

FIRSTLY, that dealing directly with those interested in collaborations in the not so distant future.

I desire to spread, through whatever popularity I attain that onward to those who have found interest in that I create, thus helping other fans through my own platform. There will be a few projects I will be interested in working together with my fans. And I would likewise be just as happy to play a role on one of their tracks.

The Direction this goes in stylistically is likely to be somewhat different than my "normal," this very well may mean a more conventional sound. (If you cannot collaborate by working on a song, I would be glad to Network with fans that would play into perhaps some of their other abilities. Such as designing Track/Album Covers, Animation and the like.)

Regardless, if you are interested in a future collaboration, please let me know!

SECONDLY It should be worth mentioning, the idea of using mostly Pop based and cheerful sounding songs with lyrics of a nature dealing with that quite the contrary to that of the pretty melody has been feeling more and more appealing as the notion is toyed with... Thus you may actually hear some otherwise Pop-Infused music purposefully mixed with topics not often so glamorized, especially in the Genre's I would choose to release them in.

Onward to PART THREE of this loosely strung together update.

To be straight up with you all, I have been quite open with my fans about my mental health, I have had numerous Mental Hospitalizations primarily over the years of my adulthood. Among other things I am Diagnosed Schizoaffective (For simplification, think of it as a combination Schizophrenia and BI-Polar,) so too Diagnosed with Insomnia, HAVE HAD and overcame OCD (was raised in a household where one parent had it quite badly and greatly imposed it upon me, though it was not their initial intention. The mark had and has been left,) along a number of others....

What I primarily would like to focus on is conveying through Sound that which I have experienced through Psychosis... To share some of the most uncomfortable, tormenting instances within my life with you, my public, fans and friends... Hopefully from that something can be made of these otherwise hellish phantoms which serve naught else but to ever haunt as flashbacks of such frail miseries....

From my current collective thus far (Claustrophobic Confinement/Hell Rains Down From On High) remains my only song to take what is in essence me recreating through sound the feeling of being locked up in a Mental Hospital, forced to remain within what is known as "The Quiet Room," where for me, the only thing to hear was my own mind slowly beating itself until it could no longer deny "The Truth." (I.E. Succumbing to my own delusions completely.)

Finally THIS LEADS US TO THE LAST SECTION here is more or less an inquiry to all those out there who have experience with microphones.what would be some of your recommendations, along any application made specifically for recording sound. Considering I plan on utilizing my voice much more in future projects, I would be interested in recommendations you may have for me in regards to such equipment. Ideally one good for spoken word as well as singing. If you have any recommendations please let me know. (The same goes for any apps designed specifically for recording.)

In Summation, if collaborating sounds interesting, feel free to let me know.

Any opinions on the various places I am planning on taking my works thus far? Care to join me on my voyage at some point?

Before the majority of this can continue I must be getting a new microphone. If you have insight on the matter, I would be interested in your opinion on what you recommend as a solid mic both for spoken word, and sung vocals. I'll probably get one within the next few days, currently getting as wide a recommendation as possible on the matter and thought I would ask those of you who enjoy that I create.

Otherwise, I do truly hope the best for you all, much love, this does mean a lot. I look forward to working with some of you in the near future.



(P.S.In addition to my Friends and Fans, a shout out to the countries of Germany, Russia, Canada and Japan!)



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I am a paranoid schizophrenic! It sucks...

I know that feel.

Just want to note that your post is written professionally. I think there are many people who would like to collaborate with you, or to chat with you, but you shouldn't be limited to newgrounds. You are really interesting to me, and I would like more people to know about your work and how it was created. I remember that a channel associated with GD wanted to interview you, this dude is present on your server in the discord (maybe you forgot about him) Through the interview, even more people will learn / become interested in you, among which there will be those who wish to cooperate

Sent you a PM.
But thank you very kindly for what you have shared with me.

For the mic question? Any details or maybe a price range for them?I can ask around.

Something within the $50-$300 range.

nice :)

@phenorax @BaronVonBadGuy Audio-Technica AT2020. This one seems to be consistently good for voicework.Shure SM58 and Rode NT1A for alternatives.Although check the reviews for these things to make sure yourself. Also for audio recording:Is it software or an actual app that you need?

Thank you very much, this might just be what I need, such will allow for things to start going full forward momentum wise.

fuck you and your stupid music and mental illness nobody likes you not even ur fans

I'm assuming someone broke their controller.

I do not have suggestions but i just wanna know why you used to jerk to awfully drawn cartoons

sup baron