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What you say is very interesting...

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come up in the club w/ that FRESH shit on & somethin crazy on my arm


now here's another hit barry bonds

Something tells me if I actually return to this website, we'll be best of friends.

So it's like that. :/

12 and under always get to "ride" free.
Otherwise T.O.D.N.W.


I believe you've forgotten, or accidentally deleted your sentence(s.)
Unless speaking in metaphor, such as in regards to a female's "period,"
or a "period" in time.
Both of which I could add illumination on.
Otherwise, I hope drawing this to your attention will encourage you to proof read your writings prior to posting them.

On your "review" to "Wanna dance with Kim".

"As a human being, I too enjoy going to "da club" to have my nodes simulate partial sexual intercourse with a female specimen."

Lol lolli? Gotta watch what you say the older you get... damn, I gotta stay away from the mall :|

Depends, the fact of the matter here I'd rather piss people off, in real life I'm quite a different entity, here I want to ram this down peoples throats leading their own minds sickness to what I imply.
When it reality it's a totally different story.
I don't believe there is something inherently wrong with dating or courting a say, 12 year old, or one who has reached puberty, the catch is the moral stigma of a society dictates the negative/positive impact it would have.
Thus in the US, it could only lead to a horrible outcome for both the younger and older unless within a commune or something similar.
Whereas as was the case throughout the world and all it's time periods, (including some very famous and important people, some of which helped build the US during it's earlier time, to Biblical figures, really across the board, while homosexuality also spent it's time being looked upon as negative as this kind of relationship is now, for various reasons I won't get into.)

The fact of the matter overall, only in a society where it is reasonable to court someone of a younger age is something that could happen without harm to both parties. And this coming back into America and other like-minded countries, isn't as far off as people assume, I've read a great deal of information, have taken in personal information and experiences detailing accounts of those younger than I, and I am quite certain, (unless a nuclear holocaust scenario occurs first at which case, the age need be lowered for everyone for population sake, this being the absolute least undesirable but in reality, a possibility...) In 70-100 years, 80 where I have found to seem the area where such would most likely occur, but it could literally be as early as 40 years, this being beyond likelihood, and depending on many factors, as those of generations far prior to us take the seat in political positions, this "Taboo" will again be looked upon as fine, with certain stipulations. (Parental consent for marriage, regardless of age difference, nor sex.)
Personally sex isn't on my mind, I'd rather just shoot Heroin up legally at a cheap price I could afford, but that won't be happening anytime unless I move to Europe and get on a Heroin Maintenance plan.....

I would so enjoy a younger girlfriend of relationship status not including sex, as the various people of all ages I have met, from all walks of life, this age of 12-13 of intelligent females demonstrate a far greater level of intelligence than is often given, yet are not yet "hardened" by the world around them... This itself being more than it may sound.
Where as I have noted from personal experience along side the less personal scientific data detailing drastic hormonal changes... And sexual exploration lowering within only 5-10 years, dropping both to the point where those younger are having sex (IE 13 year old with 11 year old's but Older/Younger scenario's willfully form both and same sexes.
For fuck sake I've been enticed by a 13 year old for sex and turned her down knowing what it implies negatively. Though in this case, in a different situation where such would be allowed, and not demonized, I'd have not denied her, no problem would come. Being on 7 shots of whiskey, showing the true nature of us not this horrid media Frankensteins:

The media painting all those with such attractions as impulsive rapists, sadistic, hate filled, when they've caught the mere 1/1000 from the bunch who damn well wouldn't let themselves be known they're attraction. Nor do anything of the like.
I have no respect, nor do I feel they deserve anything but that which they've inflicted upon others of the 1/1000 that I've mentioned.
Never to note the true nature and the notion to protect the young girlfriend, as well as date her.
This the real case.

The closest the Government has begun to understand this nature is it's creation or ability to take in vast amounts of information via Lolicon websites and track those individuals from there.
I doubt this information will be made public until the aforementioned 70-100 years down the line when liberation occurs, that these things will come to light just as is the case with blacks and the undercover that were keeping a close eye on Malcolm X and The Nation of Islam.
The various hippies and the Drug counter culture.
This won't come to light until then.

I must say, once all the financial problems can be amended (which is indeed tricky and the prime reason such hasn't already been approved,)
The next "Sexual Revolution" will be Polygamy (Again, the biggest problem in regards to this being simply the fact that the division of property, and monetary equality being in need of ironing out in regards to both deaths and divorces, otherwise this will be the next revolution.
This leading a hidden step leading to the younger ages to court and wed.

Weed already on it's way to legalization, thus you have the liberation of one singular substance, with a likelihood certain others may be altered from "Schedule 1 drugs" (The most dangerous, of no medical use and completely illegal,) this being where Pot once stood, soon will be available more and more for easily prescribed for many issues, until finally it being legalized.
Yet other substances similar to existing contraband ie XTC may find itself able to be prescribed for specific reasons (As once it was,) where other things as light as Melatonin simply for an example, may require a prescription. (It's all about money in these regards.)
Certain helpful substances have been made prescription wise for this greed.
Fabricating ADHD, (otherwise being a kid interested in only that which interests them.) to get kids addicted to narcotics. Ritalin and eventually Adderall, to help kids "concentrate" bullshit, rather now they turned normal kids into those dependent on this drug they've taken so long, they'd not be able to take the damned drug. The dealers on the street are more reputable.

Far, far, far down the line, when drugs have a different context, as I am on Methadone maintenance now, in other countries there is Heroin Maintenance, (don't believe me do a search and note how greater the success rate is, AND the increase in individuals productivity.
(Basically an individual get's two shots of Heroin a day that is able to be increased high and highers in increments, and in between likewise a dose able to be raised of Methadone so there is no sickness in-between.
Likewise, consider that new drugs of a whole new feeling, (something I'd enjoy testing out) breaking out into the scene before being made illegal. (The Mew Mew, in the UK sounded damn good when it was legal. Wish I could have tried it.)
New breakthroughs in technology that will turn all the world on it's back until it's become fully integrated (As did the Internet,)
A rise in alternative Religions and a probable return to less Atheistic manners of thinking.

All this, some mixed with in depth exploration, some mixed with comparison to other Countries, and the nature of humanity. And some actual known evidence I've not come across, but been shown by certain individuals.
What, is what is left to your and any other who may read this.
I enjoy sharing information of this nature online and in areas, back alleys of back alleys, muddled and mixed together where such is allowed to be posted as what is certain to come is mixed with deep study and the gaining of information then putting it aside various similar frameworks, and overall, showing things I've an interest in and stating point blank from educated assessments being stated, to cold hard facts, which all the better are encouraged to be shared precisely in this manner..

You'll be surprised what's out there, and who you can meet, befriend, who can show you higher, and higher areas until you know information others can only guess at.

Anyway, muddled together quite good and proper, regardless hope this stimulated some interest.
And the fact that this is spray paint on such an alley for EVERYONE to see, the person chosen themselves, (you that is, the individual I'm replying) being of most interest in this neatly wrapped disjointed reply.

Peace, love Drugs and Lolicon,


I don't think I've ever seen such a long, and meticulous response before in an NG blog! Let's just say I'm a little squeamish on the subject, considering I was 'compelled' into a sexual relationship when I was 7 and she was 17 (she was smart, friendly and pretty, so no big complaints).

As for heroin, fuck that shit, no one needs to be a slave to whoever has that. Wish I could kick smoking. Should've grown the shit myself and smoked out of a pipe... the ciggy paper has become especially toxic, thanks to politicians. More chalk (which is cancerous) in the paper to prevent lazy fucks from setting their beds on fire -_- the paper kills more than burnt beds do!!



so you are pedo?
can i introduce you to a friend his name is chris

u were one of the first to comment on jeff weises flashes after his NBK whats ur response or reaction to it happening nearly 10 years ago

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars March 24, 2005

Quite good actually.

So this is a glimpse into the mind of a mass murderer. Not every day we get the chance to see something like this. You were definitely talented with art, your work no doubt reflected your rage.
All in all, it was a good flash, and quite disturbing due to the currant circumstances. I hope they keep your account intact.



Get a lobotomy

Such would bring me down to your level.


cant blame ya